Welcome to! I started this site about 20 years ago in order to
personally keep track of how many music concerts I have been to and what
bootlegs I have of the concerts that I went. I kept track of all of my concert
stats, how many songs I saw, and where, ect. Back then it was ran by Geocities,
then yahoo got rid of geocities along with all of the pages and years of work I put
into that site.

Eventually I would create a YouTube channel where I was uploading recordings
of concerts that I went. I had the whole song and dubbed over the video with
better quality audio. You may watch them at the YouTube link Below.

Also I am a collector of Mann Music Center Cards that were created by Alex
Fine. I have listed every card that I know exists and its high and low value as well
as images of the cards.

I have a good friend who makes marvelous Ice Tie Dyes. I highly recommend
that you click on that link and check out her wonderful tapestries and clothing
that she makes personally by hand with quality.

Concert Stats

Mann Music Center Music Baseball Trading Cards

Blazing Dyes